As for porcelain, I mix different oxides to obtain the hue that best corresponds to my ideas.

To experiment with new variations of colour requires much research. Then, I shape the items by hand or with a potter´s wheel depending on the drawing.. Finally the firing at high temperatures to obtain a glazed or an unglazed result.


I choose to create different silver findings depending on the porcelain item: soldered, hammered, riveted, bent to give the piece a unique appearance.

Collection AFFINITÀ

In each other ...
It is a kind of game, like a puzzle where the elements have to find their place, in a harmonious way, in one another ..
Twigs of color
Still in the theme of color harmony.


Collection EQUILIBRI

Lightness & elegance
Smooth shapes, light, for a variable balance.
Flowers on your skin
An evergreen Spring.

Collection FIORI

Collection GIROTONDO

All equal!
Variations of colors, chromatic games, hand in hand in the same shape, of the same consistency ... 
I rock...
A small case near the heart, or the navel, depending on the moment ...

Collection SOLITARIO

Collection ECLISSI

For the sake of ephemeral visibility, to seize the favorable moment, to see the fleeting angle.